Social Media Alternatives

For anyone becoming disillusioned with social media, as I quickly am, I’ve provided three alternative ways to see my photography:

  1. Website - All images I post to Instagram will also be featured on this website. Feel free to bookmark and visit whenever you’d like—you won’t receive any notifications and are free to browse when you choose. To view all recent images, just click on photographs in the navigation menu, or click here.

  2. Email - With this option, you’ll receive each photo I release directly in your email inbox in a much higher resolution than possible on platforms like Instagram. No ads and no algorithms deciding what you see. To subscribe via email, click here and be sure to check photos.

  3. Postcards - The old school method. I’ll send you a set of 5” x 7” prints of all the images I release each month—typically about 10. This method obviously isn’t free, but I’m only charging for the costs of materials and shipping and doing my best to keep prices low. I won’t make any money off of this and am just doing it for fun. To learn more about the monthly postcards option, click here (coming soon).

Of course, I’ll still continue to post to Instagram since that’s where most people prefer to view images these days. Feel free to follow along on there if you’re not already, but any of the other methods would be my first recommendation.