Brian Lackey


100 Pounds of Old Film Cameras

I recently decided to restart my YouTube channel for a big project I have coming up (more on that soon). Since I’m still very new to video, I wanted to put a quick test one together to practice with filming, audio, and editing.

My grandpa just sent me 5 boxes (about 100 pounds) of old film cameras, so I decided it might be interesting to do a sort of show-and-tell/unboxing video about that as I went through everything. I’m not sure how interesting it’ll actually be unless you’re really into film cameras, but I wanted to get an easy video under my belt. I learned a lot in putting it together, so I’ll chalk it up as a win regardless.

In any case, there should be lots more videos coming soon, focused on film and digital photography, full-time travel, minimalism, and the like. Feel free to subscribe (here or on YouTube) if that sounds interesting to you.