All My Belongings for the Next Two Weeks

8 hours until I leave for Europe! I’m really excited, a little nervous as I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but ready to be in Hungary nonetheless. For the next 15 days, I’m only going to be able to have what I can carry with me (and hopefully carry on the plane). I’ve listed out my packing list below, but keep in mind this trip requires many more warm clothes than usual.

My 25 pounds of belongings

My 25 pounds of belongings

Okay, so here’s everything I’m bringing with me for the next two weeks.

Ski Gloves and Liners: It’s going to be super cold, gotta keep those fingers warm.

Scarf: I don’t normally wear scarves, but I figured it might come in handy if it’s snowing.

Fleece Hat: Prevents brain freezes.

Hand and Toe Warmers: Hopefully I won’t need these.

Thermal Underwear: Two bottoms (one fleece, one regular synthetic), one synthetic top.


Two Long Sleeve Shirts: Not much to say about these, they’re shirts.

Mountain Hardwear Rain Jacket: Packs small, keeps me dry.

Mountain Hardwear Insulated Jacket: This thing packs down super small and warms like a parka!

Thin Fleece Jackets (2): North Face and REI brands, can wear the NF one on top of the REI if needed.

Rain Pants: I probably won’t need these, but they’re pretty small and might be nice if the weather sucks.

Nike Athletic Shorts: For sleeping, lounging around the hostels, etc.

Swim Trunks: In case I decide to stay until summer (or if I want to go here).

REI Travel Pants: I’m going to look pretty cool rocking these dad-esque pants, but hey, they’re quick-dry.


Jeans: So I don’t always have to look like an REI advertisement.

Socks: 3 pairs smartwool, 1 pair regular socks, and 1 pair of super warm skiing socks.

Texas Hat: So everyone in Europe can ask me if I ride a horse to school.

Underwear: 4 pairs quick dry boxer briefs.

T-Shirts (3): 1 quick dry shirt from a 5K and 2 regular t-shirts. Gotta rep GlobeMed and Dogfish Head Beer in Europe too!

Button Up Shirt: In case I need to look classier than in a beer t-shirt

Toiletry Bag, Shampoo, Body Wash, Deodorant, Hand Sanitizer, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Comb, Tissues, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Sudafed, Laundry Soap, Quick-Dry Towel, and Chapstick: Pretty self-explanatory I’d say.

Leftover Euros: Because they don’t seem to work in Texas.

Rope: For drying clothes.

iPhone 4S with International Data Plan: So Siri can keep me company if I get lonely :(

Passport, Eurail Pass, Plane Tickets, etc: with a copy of my passport in the other bag and at home.

UT Shopping Bag Thing: I dunno, I got it for my birthday and it’s tiny.

iPhone/iPod charger with Adapters: Gotta have my Black Keys.

Joby Gorillapod (Tripod): Siri might keep me company, but she probably can’t take my picture :(

Nalgene Water Bottle: Just the little 14 oz one.

iPod and Skullcandy Headphones: Something to keep my chargers occupied with.

Travel Umbrella: Because 36 degree rain is much better when you’re not in it.

Stuff Sacks: To keep stuff organized.

Playing Cards: I plan to grab a chunk of land, claim it as my own country, and start the next Monte Carlo.

Clif Bars (5): This is all I plan to eat for the entire two weeks.

Moleskine Journal and Pens: Because it wouldn’t be travel without a Moleskine journal.

Camera (not pictured), Memory Cards, Card Reader, Extra Battery: So I can remember this trip next year when I’m old and gray.

Spork: Who doesn’t love a spork? This one has a knife, spoon, and fork! As a bonus, I’ll probably look like an idiot using it.

Sunglasses: Hoping for 2 weeks of sun, we shall see…

Lock: For locking things.

Bandana: It was small, so I threw it in.

Cocoon Travelers Sheet: I think all the hostels provide linens, but it’s a small backup.

Guide Book, Notes, Reading Books: To keep me entertained on planes, trains, and automobiles.

Granite Gear Vapor Trail Backpack: It’s a top-loading backpack, which is probably going to be pretty inconvenient, but it’s what I have.

Boots: I think they’re Clarks, hopefully they’re water-resistant enough for some snow.

Casual Shoes: Just regular Saucony shoes for a backup.

Day Pack: I can wear it with the big backpack for traveling, or by itself for day trips and such.

Holy crap, it’s like trying to sleep the day before Christmas, except instead of opening presents, I’ll be on a plane for like 3509845245 hours. Anyway, I’m sure you can tell how excited I am, I’ll try to update this blog from the road if the hostels have computer access.