What's in my Camera Bag 2018

What's in my Camera Bag 2018

Since three or four people have recently asked me about it, I figured I'd make a quick post about the gear I'm currently using for nature and travel photography. This isn’t every piece of kit I own, but represents most of what I might take with me out shooting these days and covers a wide variety of settings and conditions. I'll do my best to keep the list updated, but if you have any specific questions, definitely reach out and I'll see if I can answer them.

A Comprehensive Beginner Landscape Photography Kit for $797: My Specific Gear Recommendations

Earlier this year I dropped and broke my full-frame Sony a7rii camera. Ouch...

While it was in the shop being fixed, I had to go back to using my older, more basic camera setup. And you know? It did a pretty damn good job. Now, that's not to say that I'll be selling all of my prized full-frame gear, but I do think the Sony a6000 is possibly the best value for your money when starting out in landscape and travel photography. 

With that in mind, I decided it might be helpful to put together my specific recommendations for a complete gear list for getting started with landscape and travel photography that won't totally break the bank, but can still result in really high-quality images. If you buy some of this used, you can get it all for about the price of a new smartphone. I buy used equipment all the time and have never had any issues. At the end, I'll make some recommendations for upgrades and optional accessories to consider as well if you have room in the budget, but they're definitely not necessary.

86 Days in a Carry-On

Well, a carry-on plus a laptop bag really.

I’m in the Panama City Airport right now, waiting for a couple more hours for my plane to take off to Lima, Peru. I’ll be spending the next 10 weeks or so in Peru followed by 2 in Colombia before returning back to the furnace that is Austin in August.

Here’s everything I’m bringing for the next 3 months. I tried to pack as lightly as possible since I’ll be moving around a bit after the first 8 weeks.

All My Belongings for the Next Two Weeks

8 hours until I leave for Europe! I’m really excited, a little nervous as I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but ready to be in Hungary nonetheless. For the next 15 days, I’m only going to be able to have what I can carry with me (and hopefully carry on the plane). I’ve listed out my packing list below, but keep in mind this trip requires many more warm clothes than usual.

Okay, so here’s everything I’m bringing with me for the next two weeks.