Quick Knee Surgery Update

Quick knee surgery update for anyone curious: today marks the half way point of the non-weight-bearing portion of recovery! Only 3 more weeks until I can slowly begin walking again and start the fun parts of physical therapy. These first 3 weeks have flown by and the recovery has been quite a bit smoother than I had imagined. That’s not to say it’s been all roses—there were a couple times in the beginning where I felt totally overwhelmed and close to tears—but overall it’s been a fairly painless and uneventful recovery so far. Incredibly grateful for my amazing family and friends who’ve helped me out with basic human tasks and making sure I don’t go insane from cabin fever :)

A Big Day For Me

Tomorrow’s a big day for me and I’m about as happy as this beaver in a snowstorm. See, every photo you’ve seen of mine on here has been taken from within a mile or so of a road. For the last ten years or so, I’ve experienced severe pain on the outside of my left knee every time I hiked, ran, or biked more than a couple miles. I haven’t been able to go backpacking since 2010 and have been able to only just barely scratch the surface of what the Colorado mountains have to offer.

First Magazine Feature!

A few months ago, Canadian Geographic reached out to me to ask if they could use one of my photos in their upcoming Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos publication. I’d completely forgotten about it until I received a copy in the mail today. Unless I’m forgetting something, this is the first time I’ve been published in a print magazine, so that’s pretty cool!

Tofino, British Columbia - April 2018

Outdoor Photographer of the Year

I decided last minute to send in a handful of images to the Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition. Most photo contests are pretty worthless, but several photographers I really respect have participated in this one in previous years, so I decided to give it a shot. Just heard today that 5 of my photos (see below) made it onto the contest short list, which was definitely unexpected. Lots of images made it this far and I'm sure I won't make it any further in the process, but I'm pretty happy with the result in any case!