Denver After Dark

Over the course of a few days earlier this year, I explored around a small part of downtown Denver to see what I could find and what kinds of photographs I might be able to make. Heavily inspired by a handful of street photographers like Craig Whitehead and Joshua Jackson, I was drawn to the lights and shadows of the city after dark.

This is a pretty new style of photography for me and I found it quite challenging, but also refreshingly fun to be able to approach it with a beginner's mind again. In addition to pushing my comfort zone by branching into other genres of photography a bit, I'm also working to focus on larger bodies of work––series of images that work together––rather than just single images. Those might take the form of a book or zine or short photo essay or something else in between.

With that in mind, here's a series of 12 images from those wanderings titled "Denver After Dark." Hope you enjoy.

Denver After Dark - 03.jpg
Denver After Dark - 05.jpg
Denver After Dark - 01.jpg
Denver After Dark - 09.jpg
Denver After Dark - 11.jpg
Denver After Dark - 12.jpg

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