Ljubljana? Is that in Russia?

Ever since I returned from Spain this summer, I’ve had a bad case of wanderlust.  I want to travel everywhere.  The other day I spent an hour just looking at a world map.  I know, I’m weird.  About a week ago, when I realized I had accrued a decent sum (43K) of frequent flyer miles over the years, I found a ticket to Europe and back for only 40K miles.  So for $58.12 in taxes and fees I can hop into a pressurized metal tube and end up half way around the world 3 in-flight movies, 2 ginger ales (for some reason the only time I ever drink it is on planes), and 4 screaming babies later.  Sounds good to me.

Now I’m not usually one for impulse buys or any kind of spontaneity (remember, I was raised by accountants), but I decided to throw caution to the wind and go ahead with a trip that is going to be memorable beyond belief.  I bought a round trip ticket to Budapest from December 31st through January 15th a few days ago and I have no idea what I’m going to do once I get there.  This is a pretty big divergence from the carefully planned out life of Brian that I’ve been designing since I first learned what SMART goals were.  Then again, any plans I’ve ever made (like my major in college) usually change 3 or 4 times anyway.

So yeah, I’m going to Budapest for 2 weeks.  What am I going to do there? Where else am I going to go?  Where am I going to stay?  How do you ask for a beer in hungarian? Hell if I know, but I bought the ticket and now I start the planning for the 2 coldest, most interesting weeks of next year.

Though my plans are not close to set in stone yet, here’s an itinerary I’ve penciled in for now:

Way too many places to see I’m sure…

Way too many places to see I’m sure…

Budapest, Hungary – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Salzburg, Austria – Linz, Austria – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic – Prague, Czech Republic – Vienna, Austria – Bratislava, Slovakia – Budapest, Hungary

That’s probably way too much to see in 2 weeks, but I’ll probably cut it down a bit at some point.  Lots more to think about obviously unless I want to sleep under a bridge or something, but this will work for now.