Trip Reports

A Day in the Streets

I want to be more intentional when it comes to composing photographs. 

Many of my favorite images have less to do with the subject of the photograph and more to do with the light and composition (arrangement of shapes) in the frame. I think this is where photography can become more artistic, beyond simply recording a moment experienced or a scene seen.

Recently, I can't get enough of Sean Tucker's street photography. The way he makes geometry and tonal contrasts the main subject of an image regularly astounds me—it's so different from how I typically approach photography. I often find myself looking at his images with a bit of jealousy, wishing I had the creative "eye" to see how he sees. Perhaps a little bit of it can be learned though?

2°F Sunrise and Time Lapse at Lake Dillon

2°F Sunrise and Time Lapse at Lake Dillon

My car's thermometer read 2°F when I got to Lake Dillon just before sunrise. 


Over my thermal top, I put on a thin fleece, a fleece vest, the warmest down jacket I own, a neck gaiter, a ski mask, a beanie, snow boots, microspikes for traction, and drained the last of my hot coffee. It'd be overkill for skiing or snowshoeing, but hopefully warm enough for some landscape photography. 

Driving in from Denver, I'd seen glimpses of fog over the lake, but in the dark it was hard to get a good feel for what the conditions might really be like. A few yards from the car, however, I saw the fog swirling above the lake below, just thick enough to be interesting without obscuring my view of the peaks in the distance.

Perfect! These are the conditions I always hope for on a shoot like this.

A Weekend Away

After nearly 2 months in Peru, I finally managed to leave Lima for the first time. This past weekend, I took a quick side trip with my friends David and Andrea 5 hours south to Ica, Huacachina, and the Islas Ballestas. With less than a week left of my practicum in Lima, this trip was a bit of a warm-up for the 5 weeks of travel I have planned starting next weekend.

My practicum, speaking of which, has been an absolutely amazing experience that I’ll have to elaborate on soon. I’ve learned more than I imagined possible in such a short time about TB, epidemiology, and public health; made friends with wonderful researchers from Peru and around the world; and hopefully contributed a bit to the research as well. But more on that another time. This post is about travel.

Notes from Eastern Europe

I meant to keep a blog of my travels while overseas, but I was too busy enjoying Europe to sit down and write anything. Now that I’m back in school and should be studying, recounting some fun memories from the trip sounds like a great use of my time. 

Anyway, my 15 days in Southeast Europe were amazing. Best trip of my life amazing. I saw some beautiful places, met incredible people, and definitely learned more about myself. I was able to be spontaneous and change plans at the last minute. I learned how to say cheers in 4 new languages. I saw a guy with a beard that went down to his feet! Ok, I probably could have seen that in Austin, but still…