Desert Flow

Desert Evening.jpg

For a few months every spring, the snow from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains melts and flows right by the tallest sand dunes in all of North America. Stumbling upon this scene right at sunset will always remain one of my best memories of exploring Colorado.

The Inn 2.jpg

This is a signed 11”x14”print, limited to an edition of 25. Mounted and set behind a bright white mat, it will arrive ready to place in the 16”x20” frame of your choosing.

For this image, I use an archival baryta semigloss fine art paper printed with professional Canon ink. After trying over a dozen paper stocks with various images, I’ve found that this is my favorite for most photos, especially those with prominent dark tones. It offers rich blacks, excellent contrast and sharpness, and subtle tonal transitions. In general, photos printed on this paper have a bit of a three-dimensional “pop” that I haven’t been able to replicate with any other options. A lot of times when we switch from seeing an image on a backlit LCD screen to one printed on paper, the latter can appear rather flat and underwhelming. I actually find the opposite in this case and I’m excited for you to see just how great it can look in-person.

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