Brian Lackey





Hi, my name is Brian Lackey. I’m a photographer and traveler currently living on the road full-time. You can learn a bit more about that project HERE.

Locally or abroad, I’ve found that my favorite places and experiences tend to be those not found on many bucket lists. I get a lot more joy out of slowing down and diving deeper into more unknown places, even if—especially if—I don’t know where exactly I’m heading. My favorite moments share these feelings of exploration and serendipitous discovery.

Recently these concepts have begun to seep into my photography as well. I don’t have as much interest in getting an epic shot of an iconic location, jostling with other photographers for the best tripod spot at, say, Mesa Arch or Multnomah Falls. By just sort of wandering around, open to whatever happens, I come home with a lot fewer images, but the ones I do take tend to stick with me for a while longer and evoke a wider range of memories and emotions. Life isn’t always epic and I don’t think all photographs should be either.



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