Brian Lackey

I'm a photographer and a biostatistician (this one pays the bills) based in Denver, Colorado, though weekends usually find an empty apartment, a full Subaru, and a me somewhere up in the nearby Rocky Mountains. Now and then I'll find an excuse to travel a bit further as well—recently to Newfoundland, Slovenia, and Vancouver Island.

I post new images several times per week over on my Instagram page, so come say hi over there if you're on that platform. I've made a few behind-the-scenes videos while out photographing as well, so come follow along on my Photography YouTube channel if you're into that sort of thing. 

Though I pay the bills with my full-time job, the occasional print sale helps feed my unhealthy habit of buying new camera lenses and booking that spontaneous trip to Eastern Europe or wherever I decide to go next. I'll still do this photography thing even if I never make another dime from it, but if you do choose to purchase a print or otherwise support me on this journey, just know that you're my favorite and I owe you a big bear hug next time I see you!

Here we find a Mountain Brian in his natural habitat...

Here we find a Mountain Brian in his natural habitat...